Conference Time!

OopsLast week, on the American Christian Fiction Writers blog, Cynthia Ruchti wrote of some of “dumbest things” she ever did at an ACFW conference. It was quite a list of not-funny-at-the-time snafus that made me giggle the entire time I read it.

She has been to far more conferences than I have, but I’ve had my own “oops” moments. Most of them I’ve shared on this site at one time or another, but here’s a quick recap:

  • took a new cell phone to one of the classes, thinking I’d set the tone to mute. I hadn’t. Either time. Finally had to turn the stupid thing off.
  • stuck my foot in my mouth with a major agent, did everything possible to avoid that agent for the next several conferences. And may still.
  • came late to an appointment because my shoe broke and I had to run through the hotel barefoot.
  • stuck my foot in my mouth with a well-known author. His response was priceless. Still get a lot of miles off that story.
  • had numerous gaffs with longtime cyberfriends–not recognizing them because they didn’t look like their avatars. I expect this to be an on-going challenge.
  • collapsed in front of a gazillion people just before the awards dinner opened.
  • forgot my pitch and tried to ad-lib my way through an agent meeting. Forgot my characters’ names.
  • stuck my foot in my mouth with yet another popular agent. At least she laughed.

Now you know why I tease about keeping my feet candy-coated. Frankly, I think I’d do far better at conferences if I left my voice at home. But the gaffs and goofs don’t erase all the great times. The friends, networks, opportunities, experiences–totally priceless.

So, I’m going to the ACFW Conference in Nashville. You coming?


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12 Responses to Conference Time!

  1. Someday I hope to go to ACFW. But right now I can only afford one conference and Write To Publish is in my backyard. Both ACFW and Florida Christian Writer’s Conference are on my bucket list to attend.


  2. I went to a conference here in New Zealand this weekend. One attendee has admitted to asking someone if she was published yet only to find out it was the keynote speaker who has over 200 novels published. Oops.

    Mine was spending the entire day sitting next to a national TV presenter, and not recognising her. Even though she was wearing a name badge with her TV name on. Yes, my nose is normally stuck in a book.


  3. I am so pleased to know l am not the only one…..


  4. Yes, I’ll be at the conference. Is there any way to plan to meet at one of the meals?


  5. Forgetting your characters names *is* kinda priceless. 😉 Hope you have an awesome time and come back with lots of good stories!


    • It was horrible. We were pitching The Simulacrum and I was doing that quick synonym thing — you know, when you can’t think of a word — but there are no effective synonyms for the characters’ names. “Bad guy”! Sheesh!


  6. annetteohare says:

    I’ll be there Linda! My biggest conference gaff was at my very first ACFW. Had a meeting with a certain big time editor who told me she wasn’t looking for what I had to offer. I was so distraught I told her she should let me send it to her anyway! She said, “Here, take my card. You’re welcome to send it to me, but I’m still not interested!” Boy was I embarrassed. #newauthorproblems


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