Coffee with Linda Newsletter

Glass coffee cup and coffee beans on old wooden background.

Sign up for my newsletter, and I’ll fill you in on all that’s new. Expect to see give-away announcements, sales, release dates on new novels, and general stories from the homefront.

To sign up, just hit the link and fill in the blanks!

Come Have Coffee With Me!

14 Responses to Coffee with Linda Newsletter

  1. scmathisen says:

    Signed up! I will never turn down coffee, especially with such distinguished company! 🙂


  2. Great idea. Sign me up!


  3. Kassy Paris says:

    Uhh, can I be the token non-coffee lover here?


  4. Audrey McLaughlin says:

    I signed up and look forward to reading your “words of wisdom”, or at least your words of joy!


  5. Sign me up! You said coffee, I’m in.


  6. doriscorea25 says:

    I just signed up today! I saw your interview of Joseph Finder on FB. Lovely to stumble on an author (meaning you) who writes Christian fiction! Great to be aboard!


  7. doriscorea25 says:

    I signed up in 2014 and I have received any newsletters. Perhaps I unsubscibed? Sometimes I get carried away with all the emails I get and start on a flurry of unsubscibing. Please let me know at Thanks


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