Ride to the Altar

Cattle are dying on the ranch–and not of natural causes. The financial loss to the Circle Bar has first-year owner Patricia Talbert questioning her every move. But to add to her stress, her father demands she return to New York and make amends with her mother. The depth of her resentment runs deeper than she knew, and the confrontation only widens the mother-daughter gap.

While she’s away, Talon Carlson discovers the reason behind the attack on the ranch, and it sends him on an emotional tailspin. How can he remain true to Patricia when his first love still plagues his mind from the grave?

As the gap grows wide and the attacks increase, both Patricia and Talon are stretched to the limit.

How many hurdles must they jump in their Ride to the Altar?

Praise for Ride to the Altar:

“The time and attention Linda Yezak put into this third of the Circle Bar Ranch series is enticingly clear. The characters fit. The story is thorough and solid, the plot magnetic. She tests the couple with their pasts, their presents, and their futures in such an adept way as to give the reader an intense “ride” toward a satisfying conclusion. Nice job. Very nice job.” ~~~ award-winning mystery/suspense author, C. Hope Clark

“I enjoyed the combination of the western, romance, a good storyline, and strong characters. Another winner” ~~~ author of Jessie’s Hope, Jennifer Hallmark

“From the plot development to the description of characters and character traits and to the end of the story everything is exceptional. This is a GOOD read, folks!” ~~~ Geri Coats

“Excellent writing and well developed characters, and this is a book you can’t put down until the last page” ~~~ Marie (last name unknown)