Skydiving to Love

JoJo Merritt is a country veterinarian who has never jumped out of anything higher than a hayloft, much less an airplane. But thanks to her friends’ dare, now she must.

What she discovers during her flight to the skydiving school in San Antonio is guaranteed to make her short vacation miserable: She is terrified of flying! How is she going to leap from a plane if she can’t stand being in one?

Mitch O’Hara, her seat mate, keeps her distracted during the flight to San Antonio, but from there, she’s on her own.

Or is she?

If Mitch felt protective of the wide-eyed, white knuckled beauty during the flight, imagine how he’ll feel the next day, when he finds her at the skydiving school, fumbling with the zipper of her jumpsuit.

By now, JoJo is certain of two things: she doesn’t want to fall from a plane, and she doesn’t want to fall for Mitch.

She’ll be in San Antonio for only five days. Can Mitch convince her to take a leap?


LLB reviewed Skydiving to Love📷 Light and Fun with a Better-than-Hallmark Finish October 22, 2020:

Sometimes you need quick closure or a change of pace. A fun-loving novella is just the answer to that, and this is a good one. I’ve been reading lots of long fiction, and I needed to take a breather with something light and fun. Skydiving to Love was out of my regular reading norm, but I’ve read other things by this author and know her work will satisfy with it’s quick-flowing, fun spirit.

Skydiving to Love took a clever idea of a funky bucket list, threw in a unique heroine with some funny quirks, a hunky hero with loads of charm, presented just the right problem–and oh! What a finish! I can whole-heartedly say that if you enjoy shorter length, sweet romance with a better-than-Hallmark finish, you’ll enjoy Skydiving to Love.

Sandy Nadeau reviewed Skydiving to LoveBucket list or not October 20, 2020

JoJo made up a bucket list item, then had to make good on her promise. I’ll tell ya, I loved this book. It is so entertaining, so worth reading, and I stayed with the story and it stayed with me. I love her characters, I love the romance, I love the conquering fears. Made me wonder if I could do it. But I think I might react like JoJo. Highly recommend this quick read. Great diversion from reality right now.

Kym McNabney reviewedDecember 28, 2016

From the very first word of SKYDIVING TO LOVE, I was swept away in this amazing story. MS YEZAK is an amazing writer, with a remarkable talent for telling a story. Her characters are three dimensional, and are sure to win their way into your heart. SKYDIVING TO LOVE is the best short story I have EVER read. Most writers – in my opinion – cannot pull off a good short story. That is not the case with MS YEZAK. Everything about SKYDIVING TO LOVE is perfect.