The Cat Lady’s Secret

cover full sizeMillie wears crazy clothes and carries a tote bag and a fish net to capture feral felines. She walks all over town, and everywhere she goes, she encounters people with wishes, wants, and needs–and all are fulfilled.

But who is the real force behind these blessings? A journalist wants to know, and the love of her life finds out . . .

As her past barrels toward her with breakneck speed, our story’s heroine finds her only salvation lies behind the walls of a state prison. She must find her answers there, but can she face the trip?

The cast of characters comes wonderfully to life in this romantic comedy-drama available on Amazon!

2010 ACFW Genesis Finalist


“A delightful tale of love and laughter. Yezak’s tale is a fun read!”

“Even though the story is lighthearted, it has depths that I appreciate.”

“Great characters with some unexpected twists in the storyline…didn’t want to put it down!”

“This novel may be charming, but it packs plenty of tension… I enjoyed the story so much, I read it twice.”

“The adventures (or should I say mis-adventures) of Millie, Emily, and Scott pull you into a cast of characters that you will immediately fall in love with.”

“It’s as colorful and lighthearted as its cover, but also has a serious streak deep enough to handle some chewy inspirational themes.”

“Love the characters in this story. They are plucky and sassy, the kind of people you want to invite to a backyard BBQ. I love a well-rounded story with personable secondary characters as well as interesting main characters. The Cat Lady’s Secret delivers!”

“It’s a great read with themes like forgiving yourself for your past mistakes, owning up to those same mistakes, and putting trust in old friends. And the oh-so-important why you shouldn’t leave the house wearing old lady clothes, ever.”

14 Responses to The Cat Lady’s Secret

  1. Shaddy says:

    I’m loving it already. I’d buy a copy based on what I’ve read so far. It sounds like a very fun project to be working on. Go Girl!


  2. M K Nolte says:

    Linda, this sounds like a fabulous story idea! I’d buy the book, too, based on what you’ve written here. Any ETA on this one??? 😉


  3. pprmint777 says:

    Hey, Shaddy and Mel! Thanks for stopping by!

    The “Cat Lady” is contankerous. I’ve posted bits from the novel on and I love it to death, but I keep hitting the wall with her.

    As soon as I finish with Ride and get it moving, I’m going back and bust through the wall. Cat Lady will be finished by the year–Period!

    UPDATE: I lied. I am going to finish Cat Lady, but it won’t be in 2009! Sigh.


  4. Nina Hansen says:

    Aii!! I didn’t know you were writing a sequel to Ride! How exciting!!!!!!


  5. pprmint777 says:

    Thanks, Nina. If I get *Ride* published, I’ll finish *Roping Venus*. If not, I may just write *Venus* for the fun of it!


  6. Yep, it’s official. I like your style! Is Cat Lady going to be published?


  7. Linda Yezak says:

    Sigh–look how long I’ve been working on this thing! I finally wrote “the end” on the first draft in September 2011.

    But maybe I’ll have the completed, edited manuscript in the agent’s hands by the end of the year. Won’t that be worth the catnip?!


  8. Elaine Turner says:

    I can’t wait to read it!


  9. Way to go! Good luck. Sounds great.


  10. scmathisen says:

    When is it coming out? I want to read it!


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