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My mess and welcome to it!

The WTL Explanation of WIB

You might need a little help interpreting the title. It’s “The Way-Too-Late Explanation of Where I’ve Been.” Seeing as how it’s been five months since I last posted–and that last post was a Christmas ad for my books–I figured I … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s an Office! (almost)

One of the perks of having to move from my beloved pond-front home is having an office now. My very own corner office with a door I can close—and lock, if I must. It’s a converted bedroom, of course, and … Continue reading

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On Boxes and Lizards and Coons

You won’t believe how many boxes I’ve already emptied and disposed of, but—oy vey! I have such a long way to go! Most of the boxes now sitting in the family room are full of books that can’t go anywhere … Continue reading

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Getting Closer to Normal

This is my new kitchen, long and stretched out instead of a nice little square like my old one. My husband and I trip over each other when we’re in there together. But it’s “done.” With the exception of a … Continue reading

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To Be Continued . . .

I’ve neglected this site something awful the past year-plus. Between the several crises we endured in 2019 and the “big move” of 2020, I simply haven’t had the time. Tomorrow, we actually relocate from where we are now to where … Continue reading

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Thankful for This Particular Spring

As I write this, the trees have budded and many of them are already filling out with new leaves, spring green in its various shades. In a few more days, my front yard will look like this again. And the … Continue reading

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88 And Counting!

Sweet Mama turned 88 on the 8th. All she wanted to commemorate the day¬† was pizza and a tie-dye cake. She got both, and then some. My mother never ceases to amaze me. She is the poster-child for the slogan … Continue reading

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Garage Sale Madness

This past weekend, MSB and I held the second and—yea!—last garage sale for a while. Our intent was to get rid of twenty years’ worth of stuff we didn’t use/need anymore so that when we move, we can fill the … Continue reading

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To Be Judged

After we worked our fingers to the bones and our bodies into a state of utter fatigue, we finally had the house ready to be scrutinized by all those strangers who’d eagerly set up appointments to see it. We had … Continue reading

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Take My Advice

Saturday morning, I finally got to sit down to take a break from an arduous cleaning spree. I decided to memorialize the moment with a shot of a reasonably clean house—and Ree Drummond. If you follow me on Facebook, you … Continue reading

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