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Conference Time!

Last week, on the American Christian Fiction Writers blog, Cynthia Ruchti wrote of some of “dumbest things” she ever did at an ACFW conference. It was quite a list of not-funny-at-the-time snafus that made me giggle the entire time I read … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve here at the tail end of September! Aren’t you excited? Well, maybe that’s a feeling reserved for those of us who were at the ACFW Conference in St. Louis this year. Or maybe it’s unique to me, this … Continue reading

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Meet Me in St. Louis!

I’ll be packing this weekend. Can’t wait to get to St. Louis! Looking forward to seeing all my friends and the stars in our business. Can’t wait to actually wear my new fall clothes. Even if it’s cooler than usual … Continue reading

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Last but not Least–ACFW Conference Prep #3

Are you ready for your interview at the ACFW Conference? Do you have your query letter, submission packet, a quick and coherent description of your book and why you think it’ll fit with the folks you’re pitching to? Do you … Continue reading

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Conference Packin’

In continuation of Monday’s post, “Conference Prep,” here’s more advice about what to take with you to be sure you’re ready for one of the most exciting events of your year. Things you may want to consider about packing: 1. Clothes. … Continue reading

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Conference Prep

Going to the conference? Already wondering what to pack? Here’s a check list for you: 1. Pack a mental image of the people you want to connect with. If this is your first conference, you’re going to be meeting a … Continue reading

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ACFW Conference Tears

Yesterday, I told you all about the crazy stuff that happened at the conference in Indianapolis on Saturday, or at least most of it. There were things that I totally forgot about, but I wrote the best of the silliness. … Continue reading

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Strip It!

With the ACFW Conference coming up in less than two weeks, lots of folks are fretting about their pitches. One or two lines? How can I reduce my entire 400-page novel into one or two lines? The first and most … Continue reading

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