Heavenly Love

Love is always a hot topic in February, so the CW group chose it for our blog chain. I’m lucky–February brings me double the love with Valentine’s Day and my birthday landing right close together. For my birthday, the folks on Facebook and the CW forums were amazingly sweet, remembering me and writing me messages. But Facebook itself did me dirty.

A friend and I planned on doing posts about receiving kisses from God, or just finding reminders of His love. I’ve already written two posts similar to this here on 777 Peppermint Place: “Kisses from God,” derived from the book Captivating, by John and Staci Eldredge, and last year’s “God-Kissed,” a post celebrating the birthday gift He gave me. So my idea this time was to take some of my friends’ favorite kisses from God and post them here.

On my Facebook wall, I wrote one of my favorite kisses, seeing the moon in the daytime (always fills me with awe for some reason), and asked my friends to tell me their favorites. And they did. Wonderful things, like Lynn Mosher’s post about having her grandchild reach for her, and daughter Jennifer’s post about seeing a star-studded West Texas sky. One friend wrote about seeing the bright red of a cardinal contrasting with the gray of a snowy day. I particularly loved that one. Seeing cardinals is especially cheerful after several dreary days, and I believe God created them to uplift our spirits.

I wanted to post all these and many more, but Facebook ate them.

I’m serious. I can’t find them anywhere, and I went all the way back to my birthday. I even looked on my friend’s wall. Needless to say, I’m pouting a bit right now because I’d planned to use these wonderful things for today’s post.

But you get the gist of what I wanted to present. You probably have your own moments with God when you just want to stop in awe and bask in His love. What is it for you? The first crocus bloom announcing the arrival of spring? A rainbow after a deluge? A baby’s giggle? Watching your spouse sleep?

Any good thing comes from God as a reminder of His love. What’s your favorite?

Next up is Nona King, “writersprite” on CW. Check out her February 23 post on Word Obsession.

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31 Responses to Heavenly Love

  1. Just wanted to tell you the posts are still there. Check out your settings. FB did an update or something similar and everyone’s settings were changed. It tightened security. Half of my posts disappeared until a friend posted the change and the correction. And, by the way, I do love your post!


  2. I love that–“kisses from God.” There are so many–the laughter of my grandchildren. My dog sleeping in my lap and gently snoring. Probably my favorite would be catching a glimpse of a bluebird. What would life be without these kisses?


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Life without these kisses would literally be hell–totally separated from God and His love. He shows His love for us in so many ways!


  3. Love your take on Love!


  4. TraciB says:

    Terrific post, Linda! One of my favorite God-kisses is rainbows. They always lift my spirits, no matter where I am or what is going on in my life. There have been key times in my life where I felt like I was in a deluge, and the rainbows always appeared. On one particular occasion, during a time of transition in my walk with God, I passed beneath eleven rainbows (two doubles and the rest singles) during a half-hour drive. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. It was like driving through God’s blessings.


  5. K.M. Weiland says:

    Summer nights – warm, fragrant summer nights with the crickets and the frogs singing with the wind in the trees. Warms my heart just thinking about it. πŸ™‚


  6. The one about the rainbows gave me goosebumps! There are so many I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I added a new one yesterday. At 2:00 I was driving down a road I’ve traveled many times before and noticed, for the first time, a tiny church set back in the woods. The setting was something from a Christmas card (without the snow) And there were still people inside worshipping at 2:00. Thw


  7. My computer cut me off! Ha! Anyway, the Lord led me to turn around and pull off the road to take in the beauty of it. A man-made building, I know, but built for His glory and set in the midst of His beautiful trees.

    Loved the post, Linda! (As always.)


    • Linda Yezak says:

      How wonderful, Lynne! To see people still at worship long after the conventional time has lapsed–that’s a scene from the book of Acts!!!


  8. Experienced just such a God-kiss last night. My 18 year old son was struggling with a tough, prolonged issue, frustrated and angry about God’s seeming indifference, unable to see His hand at work in any facet of the situation. Then, at the height of my son’s despair, God removed the blinders, and my son suddenly glimpsed God’s mighty Hand, there all along, protecting him every single step of the way, even though he hadn’t been able to see it. There is nothing more beautiful on earth than a God-kiss, a tender healing touch between our loving Heavenly Father and His precious, hurting child.


  9. Scott Fields says:

    I’ll never forget the day I first saw Cataract Falls. The water literally explodes from the side of a cliff face. It was at that point I realized that God doesn’t just speak to use by creating these things–he whispers right in our ear (and, yes, leaves us with His lip-prints on our cheek) by taking us to places like this so we can see them with our well-created eyes.

    Great post, Linda.

    – Scott


  10. My office window looks out onto mountains and I feel blessed when I watch the clouds roll by to review snow-capped peaks. That is peace to me!


  11. Lynn Mosher says:

    Thanks, sweetie, for the mention. I loved this. I think, for me, the sweetest God-kiss is just that…His gentle kiss upon my agitated soul and hearing His precious voice whisper something I need to hear. {{sigh}} That’s the best!


  12. E G Lewis says:

    I recall your posts on Facebook. hat’s just one of many things wrong with it and it seems to be getting worse rather than better.
    But I digress… Enjoyed the post.
    Peace and Blessings


  13. What an interesting concept.
    I think perhaps when I’m really connecting with God in worship could be one.
    I’ll have to keep my eyes open for these ‘God-kisses’ in future.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Adam, you’ll recognize them when they happen. God pulls your attention off whatever you’re doing and gives you a moment to be in awe, to remember who’s in charge and who loves you. It’s an unmistakable event.


  14. Sarah says:

    I feel God-kissed every morning that I wake to a world blanketed in fog. I love feeling as if my house and surrounding woods are resting within a cloud. It is both beautiful and comforting to me. It is when I am the most in awe over God’s amazing artwork. No one paints a scene like Him!


  15. Tracy Krauss says:

    God kisses … I’d say hoarfrost sparkling in the sunlight on a sunny, crisp winter afternoon.


  16. Nona King says:

    I feel God-kissed when I see my husband’s grinning face. He looks so much like a little kid… and then I think how wonderful it is to be married to my best friend. God is wonderful to have shared Love with me in such a way.


  17. Naomi Musch says:

    Hi Linda,
    Doing a little back-reading on the blog chain. Such a bummer about your stuff disappearing, but you did make the point clear. Hmm… my favorite kiss from God… that’s a tough one. Maybe when I hear that one of my kids had an impact on someone spiritually when I’m not sure if they’re doing “okay”. That’s a heart-warmer for sure! I’ve been wondering where one of my kids is at lately, then this morning I heard he recently sat down and had a long salvation discussion with his girlfriend’s brother. Was able to give him the gospel. That was a God-kiss.


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