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Trouble Comes in Threes

By now, I reckon everyone knows I’ve been battling insurance companies and cancer this year. Basically, I’m good, now. I rang the bell signalling the last of my radiation treatments a couple of weeks ago. All that’s left is 12 … Continue reading

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Of Story-telling, Beth Moore, and El Elyon

Earlier this year, when I was between studies, I asked the Lord to lead me to a new one. Well, He led me to three—which makes me thankful I wake up around four in the morning, or I’d never be … Continue reading

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Jesus Calling

I hate to say this since many of my friends write devotionals, but generally speaking, I don’t like them. Awful, isn’t it? But so many devotionals just make me feel guilty. Usually, after a long, touching story, the author asks … Continue reading

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Being Mary

Her country swarmed with strangers. Her religion was both diluted with foreign ways and saturated with ritual. Her God had been silent for generations. Until one night, one amazing night, when she discovered she’d found favor with Him, that He … Continue reading

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Heavenly Love

Love is always a hot topic in February, so the CW group chose it for our blog chain. I’m lucky–February brings me double the love with Valentine’s Day and my birthday landing right close together. For my birthday, the folks … Continue reading

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I’ve been sitting here for thirty minutes now, sipping coffee and tapping a finger on my chin trying to figure out what to blog about this morning. Same thing happens every Monday morning. Unless MSB and I have done something … Continue reading

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