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Working Your Facebook Author Page

Last October, I shared some tips about working your Facebook Author Page to appeal to your readers. Then I disappeared from my own author page for a while, posting sporadically, forgetting to respond to comments, basically violating everything I’ve ever said about … Continue reading

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Quick Note about the Facebook Hustle

Just read Edie Melson’s post on The Write Conversation, “Social Media Monday—How Facebook Changes for 2015 Could Affect Authors,” and I have to admit not being happy with my favorite playground. If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook plans to charge … Continue reading

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Your Facebook Author Page

Recently, I read a comment from an author who didn’t understand the perks of having an author page apart from his regular Facebook page. I had to think about that a minute, because I wasn’t sure of the answer. I have … Continue reading

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Secrets to Planning a Party

Ever been to a Facebook party? Want to have one of your own? Creating one is as easy as poking a button: On the left side of your newsfeed page, there’s a button called “Events.” Poke that, and it’ll supply … Continue reading

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Week in Review–Info for Authors

Welcome to my first Saturday post! Recently, while reading a similar list in the WFWA Newsletter, the idea came to me to list the things I find while skating through the Internet during the week. Some of this you may already know, … Continue reading

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Facebook Frustrations

On  AuthorCulture, one of my blog partners, Elaine Cooper, asks, “Are you a social media boor?” She concentrated on Twitter boors, those who bombard your tweet stream with drivel or their own promotions, so you have to fight through the mess … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

They tried to warn me: “Give the Lady a Ride” is just too “racy.” Provocative. Downright lewd. Did I believe them? Noooo. Not me, She Who Knows All. Sigh. I made two idiotic mistakes with my Facebook Fan Page. First, … Continue reading

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May Goals–Shot to Smithereens!

Before you ask, I don’t know what a smithereen is either, but in this context it means the bulk of my bright ideas for the month went up in smoke. Just to recap: Writing goals: 1. Finish Cat Lady (Ha!) … Continue reading

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Heavenly Love

Love is always a hot topic in February, so the CW group chose it for our blog chain. I’m lucky–February brings me double the love with Valentine’s Day and my birthday landing right close together. For my birthday, the folks … Continue reading

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Facing the Book

Not long ago, Lynn Mosher sent me an invitation to join her on Facebook, which I would’ve readily accepted, but didn’t know how. I tried. I clicked in and went through some of the sign up procedure–then my brain suddenly … Continue reading

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