Coming Home: a Tiny House Collection

I’m in another novella collection with my ACFW critique group, the Penwrights, Coming Home: a Tiny House Collection. We’re excited about it and have had so much fun doing it that we’ve come up with a logo so we can publish a collection once or twice a year:


Penwright Publishing. Cool, right?

Now to show you our new cover, designed by the incomparable Ken Raney:

Tiny House Collection small

I really like the image. Most associate tiny houses with the boxy-looking things that are intended to ride on trailers, and those are cool too. But some of our stories involve tiny houses that are built on concrete slabs. I found the cutest possible one for Kayla Mullins in Kayla’s Challenge:


I love this enchanting Tudor so much, I wouldn’t mind living in it. It’s 300 square feet, but I think I could make it do. I wrote, hoping to get permission to use the image, but they never responded. When Kayla’s Challenge comes out in my novella collection (after it’s run its course with the Coming Home collection), I hope to use it as a cover image.

The collection doesn’t come out until May, but I’m so stoked! I’ve read several of the stories already, and I can promise you, this will be a great collection of romance and women’s fiction. You’re gonna love it!

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6 Responses to Coming Home: a Tiny House Collection

  1. Like the logo and the cover art! 😀


  2. It all looks good! I love the houses. Funny, 300 sq ft is wht we have in our RV when we put the slides out. Not bad, but hubby gets a bit claustrophobic after a while. Looking forward to reading the new collection. I do like the logo. It’s perfect.


  3. Woohoo! Congrats! Love the publishing logo, but then I’m a sucker for pen nibs. 😀


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