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7 Responses to Especially for Writers

  1. Loved these memes. Exactly what I needed to remember today. You rock!


  2. What do you write when it isn’t just that there’s no inspiration or good feelings about what you’re writing, but no ideas at all?

    I have read many blogs and such from writers who are almost complaining about having so many ideas (and no time to write them all). One of them, and commenters joined her, actually put down someone who was struggling with not having any ideas.

    I’d give most anything right now to have even a couple of ideas that actually held together into a solid story plot. I’ve even tried plot and idea generators and nothing actually develops into something solid. As soon as I start working with one it fizzles out. Ideas will pop into my head, but again, as soon as I start writing them and working with them to develop an actual story, they fizzle out.

    Have any of you had to deal with this? If you have, what helped you get past it?


  3. Amen to the Hugh Laurie quote. Life’s too short to wait! 😀


  4. Another great selection of writing truths! There is a quote which has helped me overcome the lack of inspiration (I even have it as a header on my Three Act Outline template. “It Isn’t A Story Until Something Goes Wrong.” I unfortunately don’t remember who is the author of the quote, but thank him or her for this wonderful tool.


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