Merry After-Christmas

Bulldog After ChristmasHow was your holiday? If you’re anything like me, you’re draggin’ your wagon, feeling a little bit bloated, and wishing that morning had delayed its appearance for at least three more hours.

What time we didn’t spend on the road, we spent feeding our faces—not that I’m complaining. We get to treat ourselves to things during the holidays that aren’t on our daily menus.

The best, of course, was being with family and friends. Doesn’t matter what we do, being with those we love is always the star on the tree at Christmas. We didn’t get to see everyone, but that just means we can spread more Christmas cheer during future visits.

I’m still upset that the presents I ordered for others didn’t come in. All the email pleas in the world didn’t help. Going to the different homes virtually empty-handed was nothing short of painful and shameful. We did take some things, but nothing that was intended. This is my second horrible experience of ordering Christmas presents on the internet, and I simply will not do that again. (In case you’re wondering, yes, I ordered them with plenty of time for delivery, and yes, I followed up.)

Still, we had a great time. I love to give presents, but Christmas isn’t about that. First and foremost it’s about the birth of a Savior, even though He wasn’t born in December. Second, it’s about the chance to be with those we love. For MSB and me, opportunities to be with our kids and our friends are few because of distance and time. So the fact that we weren’t laden with glittery gifts is forgiven, overshadowed by the time we got to spend with each other. Besides, even though it’s not required, we will definitely make up to everyone on the list.

So, there’s the short run-down on our Christmas vacation. I still have a week to go before I can focus on work, and I intend to enjoy it.

What about you? How’d your Christmas go? Any precious memories to store away?


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2 Responses to Merry After-Christmas

  1. We had a wonderful Christmas! Had “Christmas” dinner with our daughter and her family on the 19th, dinner with some dear friends on the 20th. Christmas was a wonderful service at church and a day of lounging on the couch watching Christmas movies. 😊 🎄

    I’m also taking a break until into the new year. 😊


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