Sluicing Away 40 Years

What can make you feel both old and like a kid again in one fell swoop? A 40th high school reunion. Memories come flooding back at the mere mention of a name, and “Do you remember when . . . ?” prefaces almost as many sentences as “Whatever happened to . . .?”

Bryan High School was larger than I remember it. Someone said there were roughly 700 in our graduating class. I didn’t remember 700 being in the entire school, but my memory tends to be faulty. This is the left third of the panorama of our graduating class:

Bryan high 1975I’m in there somewhere. The hubs found me right off, but it took me a few minutes. Anyway, like I said, this was about a third of us, and the next pic is of everyone who showed up for the reunion–roughly a quarter of us:

Bryan high 2015



I’m in there somewhere, too.

Looking past all the expanding waists, drooping jowls, and wrinkled brows are the folks I went to school with–some for as many as twelve full years. We had a book of remembrance to honor those from our class who’ve already passed on, and year books so we can get close-up views of how dorky we all were back then. And we had pictures taken as we came in, so we can see close-ups of how much we’ve changed since then. Of course, some hardly changed at all in looks or personality. A little age around the edges, a little more wisdom, but otherwise just the same.

Reconnecting with some of these people has been the highlight of this year. I can’t believe this is the first reunion I’ve been to. Can’t wait for the next one!

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6 Responses to Sluicing Away 40 Years

  1. anemulligan says:

    Okay, was your hair red back then? Parted on the left? Standing on the right (as I look at the photo) about 4 people in from the side? Did I find you?


  2. anemulligan says:

    And if not, you had a twin. A redheaded one. 🙂


    • I think there were only four–maybe five–redheads in our entire graduating class. Our band director kept trying to play matchmaker between the redheaded guys and gals. I didn’t fall for it (neither did the others) 😀


  3. JoBeth says:

    I had such a good time. It was difficult to get to visit with everyone. FB will help us stay connected. Great to see you and meet Billy! Our guys are so much alike.


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