Have you missed me?

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, I’ve been a sick kitty. For those who don’t already know, I have Crohn’s disease, and it decided to flare up a few of weeks before the ACFW conference. Fortunately, we were able to catch it fairly early, so I’m just on antibiotics instead of having yet another surgery, and I’m not in a lot of pain–my worst symptom right now is overwhelming fatigue. Every now and then, I have a good day and really have to scramble to get things done before the fatigue sets in again, but needless to say, the house is truly a mess. I manage to get laundry done, feed the hubby and cats, and do the dishes, but basically, I’ve been watching a lot of TV (trust me on this–there’s nothing worse than daytime TV) and sleeping. When I can work, I do my editing jobs, so writing is totally at a stand-still. Which is fine. It’s hard to write light-hearted romance when I feel like this.

Still, I am going to that conference. I may have to spend a lot of time napping–which means I’ll my money’s worth out of that high-dollar hotel room–but I’m going. We’re leaving Wednesday, and I can’t wait!

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13 Responses to Have you missed me?

  1. lynnmosher says:

    {sigh} Welcome to my world of fatigue! And I am so very sorry you have to suffer with it. I’m glad your gumption is still intact and you’re going to the conference! Praying you feel terrific and can enjoy a great time! May the Lord bless you with all you need! Love you!


  2. patgarcia says:

    Have a great time, Sweetie, and I am praying for you. I did not know you have Crohn’s Disease. You are one tough cookie and I love you Linda.
    Take care.


  3. joannesher says:

    Oh sweetie. So VERY sorry. Praying you through – and of COURSE I missed you! Have a FANTABULOUS time at ACFW.


  4. stargazer12 says:

    Sorry my precious friend is battling health problems. I have a friend who has had C. disease for years and years and years. She is such a positive person and I think this–and, of course, her faith in the Lord–keeps her able to keep on. And then there’s you, Linda–Mrs. Positive. It’s the joy of the Lord in your spirit connected to His Spirit. Praise His holy Name.


  5. Aw, yuck. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. At least, you’ve got it figured out what it is though.


  6. Enjoy the conference. Get lots of rest and hang in there. Evidently this is an up-and-down thing. Enjoy the ups and sleep through the downs! Will be thinking of you!


  7. Well, at this time you should be having a grand time at the conference. I pray the fatigue goes away and stays away, at least for the time you are at the conference, if not forever!


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