New Service Up and Running

Every now and then, someone asks me if I have a website about my editing service. Well, now I do–in a way. I have a page up here in Peppermint Place that gives seekers an idea of what I offer.

Introducing Triple Edge Critique Service!

Several years ago, authors Lynnette Bonner, K.M. Weiland, and I decided to open a critique service through our joint blog, AuthorCultureIt was a great idea at the time, but the only thing that happened was that we opened our PayPal account. TECS never really took off. Katie has stopped doing edits and critiques altogether, and I don’t know whether Lynnette does them. They both relinquished their interest in the PayPal account to me, because I’m the one who loves doing edits and critiques. So now I have Triple Edge Critique Service, because it was either keep the name or open a new account. I like the name. It works. It reminds me of something sharp and thorough–like my edits.

I don’t have my prices listed on the site because I want to meet with the writers who are interested in hiring me. My rates aren’t high by industry standards, but they could seem so to new authors, and I don’t want to scare them off. Once we’ve communicated, they usually realize (1) that I do indeed charge reasonable rates, and (2) the charges will pay off in the long run.

On flip-side, because my rates are generally low, I don’t want experienced authors thinking the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” complete with all its negative connotations.

Take a peek at the page and tell me what you think–particularly tell me if I’ve made a typo or left out something I shouldn’t have. Sometimes even an editor needs an editor!

PS: If I’ve done work for you of any kind, I’d love it if you’d send me a recommendation to add to the TECS page. If you’re a member of LinkedIn, please, write a recommendation there, too. I’d appreciate it!

Peppermint Hugs and Candy Cane Kisses!

About Linda W. Yezak

Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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6 Responses to New Service Up and Running

  1. joannesher says:

    Looks great to me! Definitely keeping you in mind for the future.


  2. patgarcia says:

    I like this posting. You saw a need and you have met it. I wish you all the best Linda. Keep up the good work. I just love how you are trying to meet the needs of people who need help.

    Keep moving ahead! I am proud to know you.


  3. ceciliamariepulliam says:

    Wonderful, Linda!


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