Being Mary

Her country swarmed with strangers. Her religion was both diluted with foreign ways and saturated with ritual. Her God had been silent for generations.

Until one night, one amazing night, when she discovered she’d found favor with Him, that He had chosen her to be the mother of His Child.


What was it like to be Mary, mother of the Son of God?

Did she wonder if it was a dream? Perhaps it was the overactive imagination of a young woman in love, a young woman planning her wedding along with performing her other chores. Can fatigue bring about such vivid delusions?

Thirty days pass, and her monthly time doesn’t come. Her belly hasn’t grown; she doesn’t feel different. She isn’t sure. Why would God speak to her? Of all the women in her tribe, why her? It must’ve been a dream.

But another month passes, another time without the monthly flow. And with each passing month, her body assures her that, yes, she is carrying a Child she had no part in making. She was carrying the Child of God–just as she’d been told!

As her belly swells, it becomes more difficult to conceal that she is pregnant. What will her family think? Will they believe God spoke to her? Will she hear the vicious whispers of those she considers friends? “What makes her so special?” or “Can you imagine coming up with such a story?” How the tongues will wag!

What will her husband-to-be think? Will he believe she’d engaged in sin? She trembles at the thought. The law calls for stoning; mercy from the law allowed for her to be put away–what choices! Death or ostracization! To be separated from her friends and family, from her beloved! Alone with a child? The thought is more than she can bear.

But, what glory! Joseph stands by her! He too has heard from God.

That means it’s real. The child she carries really is the Son of God! She no longer has room for doubt. The evidence is overwhelming. The growth of her belly, the love of her man, the response the child in Elizabeth’s womb has toward the child in hers. She carries the Son of God. But what does that mean? What will be in store for Him?

And what will He be like? Will He run and play with the other children? Or will He be serious and studious? Will He scrape his knees and cry? Will He turn to her for comfort? Will He pull the pranks children pull?

How will she discipline Him?

Will she have to discipline Him?

Will He be capable of the small crimes children commit?

The time for delivery draws near as she and her beloved Joseph travel to Jerusalem. Should she discuss her fears with him? Will he love her Son? Will he raise Him as his own?

The Child is born as all children are born. Mary cleans Him, wraps Him in swaddling clothes, kisses His damp brow. Her son, the Son of God, who has been given to her and Joseph for safe-keeping until He becomes of age.

The star illuminates the sky.

The shepherds come.

The magi bring gifts.

The adventure begins.


About Linda W. Yezak

Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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8 Responses to Being Mary

  1. joannesher says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Linda. Just LOVELY – and wonderful words to ponder, especially this week.


  2. Beautifully done, Linda.


  3. Beautiful post. I love Sara Groves’s song “Breath of Heaven.” It always brings home to me the enormity of what Mary must have been feeling.


  4. That was beautiful, Linda…I also love the song “Breath of Heaven.” Let the adventure begin! 🙂


  5. We can’t even begin to imagine what she went through, but your story puts it into wonderful perspective. Beautifully done, Linda. Thank you for sharing!


  6. I love the characterization of Mary from a woman’s point of view. Excellent post!


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