Newbies on the Ranch

As I’ve said before, I didn’t intend for Give the Lady a Ride to be a series. I’ll be taking a course on creating a series at the ACFW Conference this August, but for now, I just had to wing it. One of the first things I learned is to treat the first in the series like backstory, providing only what is needed to help a new reader become oriented in the story. The next thing I learned is that I’m pretty good at winging it. I love how The Final Ride came out!

Adele CameronStories must have conflict, and since my two main characters, Patricia Talbert and Talon Carlson, fell in love in the last book, I decided to bring someone new in to mix things up a bit.

Meet Adele Cameron.

Adele is Patricia’s aunt — her mother Natalie’s older sister. Now it goes like this: Patricia’s dad, Don — brother to Jake McAllister who originally owned the Circle Bar ranch with his wife, Loretta — was raised on a Texas ranch (not the Circle Bar — but that’s a whole other story). When Don grew up, he rejected the ranch life in favor of pursuing a white collar job in business. By the time Natalie met him, he was a successful business man with an eye for politics. He fell for Nat, married her, and moved back to her home state of New York. Now he’s a US Senator from the state of New York — which suits Adele’s blue blood just fine.

Adele is a snob. A certified, tilt-nose, everything-from-Texas-is-vulgar snob. At least Don had the good sense to leave the god-forsaken state and live a more sophisticated life, bouncing between NYC and DC. But now his daughter has fallen in love with — gasp! — a rodeo man!

Basically, Adele has no room to talk. It’s not like she’s lived in a penthouse suite all her life. At one point, she was married to a rich racehorse breeder and lived on his ranch in Kentucky. Another time, she was married to a man (also rich) who lived quietly in his (massive) cabin in the Appalachians. In fact, she’s been married many times — all resulting in her becoming divorced or widowed. Still, she’d never stoop so low as to marry a bull rider.

So she’s on a mission: Bring Patricia back home to New York.

She has many tricks up her sleeve, not the least of which is her secret weapon and personal chef, Gregory Curry.

Gregory Curry

But I go too far. You’ll have to read the book to see how a New York Chef fits on a Texas ranch.

GiveTheLadyARide_2016 Kindle The Final Ride cover

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8 Responses to Newbies on the Ranch

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    <> …and who is Natalie? Oops


  2. I originally envisioned Adele a little shorter and heavier–but that pic is perfect!


  3. Giggle. And so the fight is on between the women at the Circle Bar, with a few sidekicks fueling the flames. I love it.


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