Driver’s Ed: Continued

Drivers ed

It wasn’t that long ago when I wrote about people needing a refresher course in driver’s ed, but apparently, I left some things out. So, here are a few more things folks should know before taking to the roads:

  • If you’re in the left lane, driving 75 in a 75 zone and being all proud of yourself for obeying the speed limit, I’m gonna have to pop your smug little bubble: You’re violating the law. The left lane is for passing only, which means there are folks out there going faster than you. If you’re not passing, move over.
  • If you drive a dually pickup, you have six tires–four of which are on the back. Keep them all in your lane.
  • If you are pulling a cattle trailer with the intent of crossing three lanes of traffic, please allow time for your entire rig to get out of the way of on-coming traffic.
  • If you’re tailgating on a rainy day, on wet, slick roads–darlin’, you’re just a special kind of stupid. I don’t know what else to say.
  • If the yield sign is facing you, it applies to you. It means to wait until the lane you want to merge into is clear. It does not mean for you to squeeze into the eighteen-inch space between cars in moving traffic.
  • If you pass someone going 75 in a 75 zone, please do not then slow to 70. I can’t fathom a logical reason for people to do this, but they do. Stop it.

Considering we’ll soon be entering a time of holiday travel, please be careful. Drive with consideration for others. Drive with care. Drive with the knowledge that we share the road with morons.

And have a merry Christmas.

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Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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6 Responses to Driver’s Ed: Continued

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Remind me not to crowd your bumper. 😉

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  2. Joan Vanden Noven says:

    Glad I live in Wisconsin as not many cattle trailers here. I just printed your comments and will give them to my oldest granddaughter who just got her learners permit. Merry Christmas, Linda. You always make me smile.


  3. I agree with every one! And Merry Christmas to you too!


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