The Simulacrum

480 x 720Humans and dinosaurs did not coexist. It’s impossible. There are millions of years between one’s disappearance from Earth and the other’s appearance.


Maybe not.

A dig in Paluxy, Texas, reveals the skeletons of a dinosaur and a human, indicating that they may have coexisted. In fact, Dr. Wayne Oakford, a highly respected and renown paleontologist, was so certain they coexited, he intended to turn the world of evolutionary sciences on its ear.

And for that, he was murdered.

Mary Dillard, Dr. Oakford’s niece and employee of the National Academy of Sciences, has her hands full. She must find the killer, not only to bring him to justice, but to clear her uncle’s name. She needs a detective, and the best in DC is Gunnar Schofield, a middle-aged man who still plays his boombox, disdains owning a cell phone, and drives a 1984 Harley Davidson Softail.

Despite the oil-and-water chemistry between these two, they manage to work as a team well enough to cross the country in search of a killer.

Of all the things they discover, what takes them most by surprise is that Dr. Oakford hid Paluxy Man’s skull.

Once that tidbit is made known, the chase is on–good guys, bad guys, clueless guys all want that skull.

Mary must find it, or all her uncle had worked for will come to nothing.

Wrapped in this adventure is a challenge against evolutionary science and all the methods of “proving” the theory. Loosely written in the style of Dan Brown’s Di Vinci Code, this novel disputes what is being taught as truth, using evolutionists’ own logic against them.

Hang on to your hat. You’re in for a ride.

What the Readers are Saying: 

“This book is in my Top 10 and I’m recommending it to all my friends.”

“I found the subject of this book quite exciting and very difficult to put down. Two likable characters involved in a roller coaster of dangers and mystery. The Simulacrum provided a weekend of enjoyable entertainment.”

“Great to see facts presented from a Christian perspective, and the authors have definitely done a good job of raising some interesting insights. Add to that a feisty heroine, a hunky-but-haunted detective on a motorcycle and the result is a whirlwind adventure.”

“This book was hard to put down. The characters were well defined and the story moved along quicky… I found the issues between Darwinism and Christianity concerning the onset of mankind that the story dealt with very interesting.”

10 Responses to The Simulacrum

  1. M.K.Nolte says:

    Sounds exciting! 🙂


  2. jess says:

    Is this the one you’re writing with your friend? Sounds like a winner!


  3. Joanne Sher says:

    Okay – TOTALLY intrigued by this one! Sounds SOO good!


  4. P. Creeden says:

    Looks good and love the cover!


  5. Now that’s what I like to read! Can’t wait!!


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