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Step-by-Stepping: Cut the Dross from Your Writing

I read my Tosca Lee newsletter for writers this morning, and right there, under the label of #4, was the paragraph I’ve been trying to tell my clients for quite some time: Cut anything that does not move the story … Continue reading

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Doing the “Don’t”

Don’t continually edit during the first draft. How many times have we been told that? Just write. Just get it down. Don’t worry about whether it’s good–it’s not supposed to be. Don’t edit while you write! Save that chore for after … Continue reading

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Prose on Paragraphs

I just finished Francine Prose’s chapter on paragraphs in her book Reading Like a Writer and have to say I don’t entirely agree with her–particularly later in the chapter. Prose seems to prefer long paragraphs–though, fortunately, her examples were of moderate size. … Continue reading

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Havah, the Story of Eve

The bare bones of story of Adam and Eve is universally known. God made Adam. God fashioned Eve from Adam’s rib. Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden along with the rest of creation, eating fruits and nuts. … Continue reading

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2013 Year in Books–According to Goodreads

Well, according to Goodreads, this is all I read throughout year. The books are displayed in no particular order, and I’m almost certain it’s an incomplete list. Surely I read more than that! I reckon I just forgot to record … Continue reading

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Top Ten Book Faves

The tag game on Facebook these days is to name the top ten books you’d grab if your house caught fire. Grabbing your Bible is a given, thank heavens, but what would you want to take with you besides that? … Continue reading

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ACFW Conference Tears

Yesterday, I told you all about the crazy stuff that happened at the conference in Indianapolis on Saturday, or at least most of it. There were things that I totally forgot about, but I wrote the best of the silliness. … Continue reading

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Read Often, Read Slow

“The first step is to become a slow reader.” Great advice. Slow down and savor, not just to learn to write elegant prose, but to present vivid settings, realistic characters, gripping emotion. After a while, once you’ve read the how-to … Continue reading

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Tosca Lee’s Masterpiece

Every time I write a review of a book I think is exceptional, I tend to gush. So now I’ve found one that truly is stunning, that others pale beside, and I’m virtually at a loss for words. Don’t let … Continue reading

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