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Conflict in Romance

Romance. Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back. Whether comedy or drama, whether he’s getting her or she’s getting him, that’s the basic format, but not all three components have to be involved in the novel. Boy … Continue reading

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He’s Such a Jerk!

I wrote a post once–wish I could find it now, dadburnit–in which I discussed fake conflict. I had just read a romance novel where the heroine was being a jerk for no apparent reason. Angry with everyone–even though she’d just … Continue reading

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Steven James: Tension by the Scene

Baker/Revell sent The Queen to me not long ago, and I’m thrilled to get it. I’ve never read Steven James, but I can tell you now–even only 1/5 into the book–I’ll read his work again. The man knows what he’s … Continue reading

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Remember the old Batman series? When the action intensified, the screen would fill with jagged speech bubbles holding sound effects typed in bold, vivid letters, with black, commanding explanation points. POW! The bubbles always popped on the screen to the … Continue reading

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