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Leanna Sain Writes to Fight

Y’all remember me telling you that a series of rough, stressful events changed the tone of The Cat Lady’s Secret? (See “Writing in Times of Adversity.”) To prove my point, here’s a post from fellow author Leanna Sain, only she … Continue reading

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Messages: A Review

Occasionally, I come across a book that frustrates me to no end, but I still enjoy it. Messages is such a book. Something or someone–God perhaps?–sends the main character, David Chance, messages by means of words highlighted from various sources. One … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Stuff

As always, the Monday after Mom finds me tired. We had a great time, in spite of the fact that our visit consisted of one doctor’s appointment after another. All good, thank you very much, but still, they made for … Continue reading

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Interview with Suspense Author, Joseph Finder

Joe writes thrillers–the kind that take you beyond gnawing your nails all the way to chompin’ your knuckles. This ability is what makes him a New York Times best selling author and winner of a gazillion awards. A couple of his … Continue reading

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Jane Lebak: “‘Scary’ and ‘terrifying’ are subtly different”

It’s easy to come up with the most horrifying passage I’ve ever read, but I had to think a bit before coming up with “terrifying.” I’m not easily scared, but scary and terrifying are subtly different in that the terror … Continue reading

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Liberty Speidel: “My Favorite Terrifying Passage”

I have probably read more terrifying passages then the one I’m about to share. However, this scene, from the day I read it, has always been a favorite, and is, on a cerebral level, a terrifying scene… provided you understand … Continue reading

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This week, I’ve been reviewing the season finale of ABC’s Missing, which was masterfully written by Gregory Poirier. Monday, I examined his use of flashback; Wednesday, I wrote about how he developed and maintained suspense throughout the show. The flashbacks illustrated … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Suspense

In Monday’s post, “Excellent Example of Flashback,” I presented screenwriter Gregory Poirier’s expertise in writing the season finale of Missing. If you didn’t see the post, you may want to go back and read it, but for a quick reminder: Ex-CIA … Continue reading

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The Survivors Club, by Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner wrote the epitome of a thriller. Tense, exciting, edge-of-your-seat suspense and incredible characterization make this book a must-read for lovers of this genre, and a must-study for writers in general. The Survivors Club, one of Donald Maass’s examples … Continue reading

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