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You’re a scout for a college baseball team. You travel all over the state, watching high school games with an eye toward recruiting the best of the best. The handful of guys that’ll give your college team the edge. You … Continue reading

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Yet Another Update

See this? It’s “Rich Chocolate,” High Protein Boost. My food for the next couple of weeks. I’m on a liquid diet, thanks to this blasted Crohn’s disease. Here’s the story: Last week, my doctor suggested I meet the surgeon my … Continue reading

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BC Journal Day 4–After Surgery

I’m always amazed at how powerful prayer can be. Other than passing out after they put in the lead wire and having to be poked several times to get the IV in, yesterday was a piece of cake. I hurt … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer–Reality Sets In

A couple of my friends have told me to start a journal about this breast cancer business. In a way, I already have–I recorded my first suspicious mammogram back in October, and how terrifying that was for me, then again … Continue reading

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