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Another SOTP Post

In the on-going debate between those who outline like crazy and those who write by the seat of the pants (SOTP), I tend to land in the middle these days. I tried outlining, even thought I could make it work, … Continue reading

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When a WIP Goes Rogue

Events got intense for Debra Chandler in┬áCorporate Ladder, which took me a bit by surprise, but it gave me the opportunity to see just how strong she is. I’m impressed. That’s the thing about being a seat-of-the-pants writer: you don’t … Continue reading

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How Does Emily Sound?

I┬áreread The Cat Lady’s Secret the other day and was excited about what I found. It’s good–really good–but it needs work. First to go was the MC’s name. I decided to change my main character, Evelyn Cambridge, from being the … Continue reading

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Whatever Works

How do I write? By the seat of my pants. Really. That’s what they call it. I’m an sotp writer. I start with some great opening line that entered my head, or a phrase too good to ignore, or a … Continue reading

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