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The Importance of the Copy Edit

A friend is doing a massive favor for me and the other authors of a collection we’ve already released. She’s doing the copy edit we should’ve done to begin with. Even though I had already edited the bulk of the … Continue reading

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What’s the Subject? Grammar Oversimplified

For many of us, if we were ever required to do it at all, it has been ages since we’ve diagrammed a sentence. I actually have a book on how to do it on my wish list in Amazon. Even … Continue reading

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“Was” Killin’

Sometimes you can’t get around using “was,” but more often than not, it’s a sign of the author’s laziness. The verb is sluggish, blah, boring. It lacks pizzazz. It’s time to whack it out of use as much as possible … Continue reading

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Stunning Sentences

I told you I was reading this. I’m still reading it. Yes–I’m slow. I just finished the chapter on sentences, and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. Thing is, most come from the same source: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. … Continue reading

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Super Sentences

I’m not too far in this book because I’m such a slow reader–for a couple of reasons. I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like, and when I do read, I tend to savor and enjoy and … Continue reading

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