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Indie-Publishing: Devil’s in the Details

Last week, I read a post by suspense master, Steven James, called “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” on the award-winning blog Writer Unboxed (Jan. 31, 2017). He warned against settling for less than your best, taking the easy way as … Continue reading

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How Professionals Elevate Indie Publishing

Long ago, in another time, another place, I lamented the foolishness of writers who skipped jumping the required hoops that litter the path to traditional publishing and simply published themselves. I mean, after all, self-published works carried a stigma. If the authors were … Continue reading

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What I’m Learning about Publishing Options

You’ve put all that work into what you think is a stellar manuscript. Maybe you’re smart and you’ve had it critiqued by an experienced writer, and now you’re ready to rumble. It wasn’t that long ago I would’ve told you to … Continue reading

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Before You Write the First Word

After all this time at the keyboard, I learned that I started out wrong–and I’ve been scrambling ever since. I was just playing around with my first manuscript, no particular goal in mind. I wasn’t looking to become an author, … Continue reading

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Doing It All

Yes, I want to be a writer. That’s all I want to do when it comes to this business. I want to write and send my manuscripts to someone who will turn them into books and market them and promote me and … Continue reading

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Do you have a strategy for your writing career? I thought I did, finally. Here it is: 1. Write a sequel to my Contemporary Western Romance, Give the Lady a Ride (which I’ve started and named Riding Herd), and self-publish it to … Continue reading

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The Rehabilitation of a Snob: a True Confession

My name is Linda, and I am a snob. For years, I have defended traditional publishing as the only true route to success in this business. I have held disdain for those who rushed to provide the public with works … Continue reading

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Good News and Gooder News!

The good news is that everyone who entered the drawing by pre-ordering Writing in Obedience and leaving a comment for me will receive a copy of A Writer’s Survival Guide.  Although I got so few comments to show for it, there were … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Tips

After three weeks of hit-and-miss internet time, I’m back! I enjoyed my time off, but I tell ya–as much as I complain about being overworked, I love it and missed it after about the third day of the computer hiatus. … Continue reading

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Publishing House Thomas Nelson’s Big Announcement

I’m going to be gone for several days, but I couldn’t leave without sharing the news: Publishing giant Thomas Nelson is going to offer an imprint for self-publication. Michael Hyatt made the announcement recently in his blog, Michael Hyatt, Leading with Purpose. Thomas Nelson’s new … Continue reading

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