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A Lesson in Finesse

Rinee Newburgh and Lori Bridgeport are mind writers, capable of the amazing feat of transferring the mind from a dying body to a young, healthy, blemish-free clone. Then the clone comes to life and goes about its business as if … Continue reading

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Jane Lebak: “‘Scary’ and ‘terrifying’ are subtly different”

It’s easy to come up with the most horrifying passage I’ve ever read, but I had to think a bit before coming up with “terrifying.” I’m not easily scared, but scary and terrifying are subtly different in that the terror … Continue reading

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And the Winner Is . . .

The winner of AuthorCulture‘s Short Story Contest is (drum roll, please): Liberty Speidel!  Yea! WOOT-WOOT! As first place winner of the contest, Liberty’s story is posted both here and in AuthorCulture, and she wins a copy for The Fire in … Continue reading

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