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Another New Year, Another Set of Unknowns

Here we go again! God blessed us with a new start-over! Every year, I write out my not-resolutions resolutions with full knowledge that they’re not going to happen. Oh, I’ll start out like a good girl, bound and determined to … Continue reading

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I Give Myself a C-

The first full week of the new decade in the new century of the new millenium is over. Done. How did I do with my resolutions? Awful! I was off to a good start. Of my resolutions, the one for … Continue reading

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I Heart Mondays

I love Mondays. Weird, I know, but I look forward to them with all the enthusiasm of a New Year’s resolutionist. Each Sunday, I look over the past week and evaluate.  Was the week productive? Did I keep my promises … Continue reading

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