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Get the Right Edit

Let me tell you a true story: An author wrote a book, a nice little tale she’d finally typed “the end” to. “At last!” she exclaims with tears of joy streaming down her face. “It is finished!” After so long … Continue reading

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Little Things to Watch For

It’s the little things that slip by you while proofreading.  Reversed apostrophes, missing apostrophes, quotation marks in the wrong places or absent, commas and periods missing or misplaced, words that are words, but not the ones you intended. Sometimes books get … Continue reading

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Writing: the Logical Approach

We authors get to rolling in our manuscripts and sometimes forget to pay attention to what we’re putting on the page. Don’t ask me how this happens, I don’t know. I’m as guilty as anyone and often have to giggle … Continue reading

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Error Free?

  Writer’s Digest published an article by Craig Silverman in their November/December 2009 issue called “Regret the Error?” about having errors in our published works. We’ve all seen typos and factual errors in books. As much as the authors pray their works … Continue reading

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