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Making an Ad, for Newbies

Don’t you love this? I found it on Big Stock Photos. I find most of the images I use on either Big Stock or iStock, but there are so many sites out there–Flickr, MorgueFile, Photobucket. Probably more. Sometimes all you … Continue reading

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The Canopy Bookstore

How do you like our logo? It looks better in “person.” I think I’ve mentioned before that MSB and I so enjoyed selling books at the festivals last year, that we’re going to go to more festivals this year and … Continue reading

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The Angst of a Diseased Author

Some comment in some post on somebody’s blog jinxed me. I don’t remember anything about it other than the commenter said many authors release only one book. He said they suffer from “second-book-itis.” I asked him to define it, but … Continue reading

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Lessons from Cat Tales

Each of my three cats have different personalities. Belle, the oldest, is laid-back and fearless. She’s quiet, rarely complains, and wants to be wherever I am–especially if I am in the kitchen.  Her favorite place there is between my feet. … Continue reading

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Kristen Lamb Can Hit a Nail

We’ve all done it: on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your social poison, we’ve accepted a connection with someone who subsequently bombards us with pleas and demands to visit their page, read their posts, buy their books. Whether they’re begging for … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

They tried to warn me: “Give the Lady a Ride” is just too “racy.” Provocative. Downright lewd. Did I believe them? Noooo. Not me, She Who Knows All. Sigh. I made two idiotic mistakes with my Facebook Fan Page. First, … Continue reading

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