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New Book, New Series, New Resolutions

The Circle Bar Ranch Series is now completed. Someone suggested I write a book 4, and it’s tempting, but no. I think I’m ready to move on. CBR wasn’t intended to be a series, so despite the fact that the … Continue reading

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Social Media Caveat

How’s your schedule? Been busy lately? Yeah, me too. Most of the authors I know are currently swamped and scrambling to find time to spend with their families while still making deadlines and advancing their status on various projects. I’m … Continue reading

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Especially for Writers

If you’ve read Give the Lady a Ride and/or The Final Ride, please review them for me. If you haven’t read them, maybe it’s time you did. They’re on sale for 99 cents each on Kindle. End of shameless promotion.

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Your Facebook Author Page

Recently, I read a comment from an author who didn’t understand the perks of having an author page apart from his regular Facebook page. I had to think about that a minute, because I wasn’t sure of the answer. I have … Continue reading

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Picking Your Target

We had a blast at the Shelby County air show this past weekend. It was small, slow to get started, but once it did, it was great! But, here’s the problem. Since we both wanted to go to the air show, … Continue reading

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A Call to All Readers!

For authors, promoting our books is the hardest task, particularly for newbie authors who are self-published or with a small publisher, but also for those with large houses, since so much of the marketing is being shoved onto the author’s … Continue reading

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Goals for May: Writing, Reading, Marketing, Editing

Setting goals and publishing them on this site isn’t new for me, so I bet no one’s surprised to see me doing it again. But I’m spurred on this morning by two facts: To start with, this is Sunday, May … Continue reading

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Cotton-Eyed Joe!

No tellin’ how long this line dance has been around. Dance halls, street dances, wedding receptions–anywhere there are enough people to string together and enough room to line ’em up, you’re likely to hear Cotton-Eyed Joe. And if you don’t … Continue reading

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