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The Heart Mender, a Review

The Heart Mender–a gripping story of a woman whose husband was killed by Nazis during WWII and the Nazi who washed up on her beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama–is based on actual events. The story itself is … Continue reading

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A Study in Omniscient POV: Part 2

Wednesday, I introduced the validity of the omniscient point of view as the perspective of choice for authors who are “after the kind of insight that comes from contemplating events rather than participating in them” (Characters, Emotions, & Viewpoint, Nancy Kress, p. 207). … Continue reading

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A Study in Omniscient POV, Part 1

Billy did something in his new release that isn’t done much these days: he used the omniscient point of view. I haven’t seen it in modern works in so long that I had to study it again to find out … Continue reading

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