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Little Oops–Big Oops

One of my clients sent me an email chock-full of apologies for making me suffer through all those typos!¬† “I’m so embarrassed!” “Ha! That’s nothin’!” says I. Seriously–do you know what I did last month? No, of course not. I … Continue reading

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Pen Names II — The Retraction

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about the “powers-that-be” and the wisdom of ignoring them about half the time. I should’ve taken my own advice. Rules change, and what’s the “right thing to do” today won’t be right … Continue reading

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Pen Names

What do you think of “Glenna Galloway”? Good name for an Irish mystery/thriller writer? The consensus is that if an author wants to write in different genres, she should have different names for each genre–unless they’re closely related. As Linda … Continue reading

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Autographed E-Books Through Kindlegraph

Did you notice my new button in the sidebar? It says that I can “Kindlegraph” your books–actually personalize and autograph any of my books that you want. Cool, right? If you hit that button, it’ll take you to Kindlegraph, where … Continue reading

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The Brass Verdict, by Michael Connelly

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly My rating: 4 of 5 stars For a while now, I’ve been squeezing into my meager reading time books Donald Maass used as examples in his writer’s manual The Fire in Fiction. Connelly’s The … Continue reading

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Beyond Chapter Five

Lately, every novel I’ve read falls apart after chapter five, as if no one in the publishing process cares whether the book is good beyond the hook. Just in case anyone is wondering, I will put a book down after … Continue reading

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The Novel Dream

How many novels start with the main character sleeping, dreaming? Not many? That’s because opening a novel with a dream has been deemed cliche by powers that be–and they’re right. Only Snoopy can get away with opening a novel with … Continue reading

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New Poll for Readers

Not long ago, I asked my readers how many books they read at a time. A whopping eighty-one percent said more than two. Let me tell ya, that makes this ol’ gal happy. With so many other distractions, books seem … Continue reading

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To Pub, or Not to Pub

Very few things are more exciting than typing “The End” on the last page of your first¬†book. It has been the project of your heart for one, three, five years. Your baby, born after a long and painful labor. Now: … Continue reading

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