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99c Sale on Give the Lady a Ride!

On sale on Kindle until midnight June 17 Read the first scene on my website, Linda W. Yezak.

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Especially for Writers

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Book Review: Liar’s Winter

Liar’s Winter, by Cindy Sproles, is one of the most exceptional novels in the Christian Fiction genre that I’ve read in a long time. It’s a story about prejudice: the ignorance behind it, the personal pain resulting from it, and … Continue reading

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Deadly Devotion, by Sandra Orchard

Kate Adams doesn’t believe her best friend killed herself. Detective Tom Parker is under orders not to reopen the case. But when Kate refuses to take “suicide” as an answer to her friend’s death, she investigates on her own, and … Continue reading

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I want to write a story about this guy. Or at least one with him in it. I have the story in mind, and if life would just leave me alone for a few days, I could get it written fairly … Continue reading

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The Men of Dogwood, Texas

So far as I’ve taken you around the streets of Dogwood, Texas, we’ve met Millie, Emily, and Scott–the three main characters for The Cat Lady’s Secret—and we’ve met Emily and Scott’s friends, Lauren and Roger Norris, Scott’s mom Rita, and the … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters! Rita and Micah

Come June 6, you’ll have your own opportunity to wander the charming streets of Dogwood, Texas, and meet all the folks who populate the town. But for now, I’m giving you a quick intro to some of my favorite characters. … Continue reading

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Emily Taylor’s Questionable Past

Emily Taylor, born and raised in Dogwood, Texas, high school valedictorian, degrees in architectural history and interior decorating, successful entrepreneur, and felon. Well, almost a felon. She came close enough that she had to sell her business in Houston, Deck … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Conflict

You’ve heard authors talk about turning off their internal editor? There’s a reason for that. Authors and editors think differently, and if one can’t shut off the other when necessary, there is conflict. I doubt I’m telling anyone what they … Continue reading

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So Much to Choose From!

Now that The Simulacrum is finished and out making the rounds (one publisher has asked for the full manuscript. Squeee!), I find myself without a project. Or maybe with too many projects. Or just the right number–who knows? Having several ideas … Continue reading

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