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So Much to Choose From!

Now that The Simulacrum is finished and out making the rounds (one publisher has asked for the full manuscript. Squeee!), I find myself without a project. Or maybe with too many projects. Or just the right number–who knows? Having several ideas … Continue reading

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Novel Starts and Stops

I recently finished two novels written by two authors with timing trouble. One didn’t know where to start the story, and one didn’t know where to stop. The first, written by a newbie, opened with the main character on a … Continue reading

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Pen Names II — The Retraction

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about the “powers-that-be” and the wisdom of ignoring them about half the time. I should’ve taken my own advice. Rules change, and what’s the “right thing to do” today won’t be right … Continue reading

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Pen Names

What do you think of “Glenna Galloway”? Good name for an Irish mystery/thriller writer? The consensus is that if an author wants to write in different genres, she should have different names for each genre–unless they’re closely related. As Linda … Continue reading

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Major Crimes cheats

The best thing about crime shows–and crime books–is that the bad guy is gonna get punished. You know from the first that he’s going to go to prison for life or face the death penalty. You know his end is … Continue reading

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