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Want to be a Team Member?

Elizabeth hasn’t been a member of my team for very long. She was so quiet, I wondered if she had actually joined. Then she wrote that she’d been reading through all the posts and was “in awe.” Made me feel good. … Continue reading

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Working the Festivals

I love working festivals, and this will be our fourth year at the job. Someday, I suppose, we won’t really need to anymore–if God blesses my work–but I think I’d still do it. It’s just too much fun. MSB and … Continue reading

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Ad Making

I have so much fun creating ads for my campaigns. I like the picmonkey to help me with the designs, although there are many other sites–not to mention photoshop or others that come with your computer. I find the pictures … Continue reading

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Before You Write the First Word

After all this time at the keyboard, I learned that I started out wrong–and I’ve been scrambling ever since. I was just playing around with my first manuscript, no particular goal in mind. I wasn’t looking to become an author, … Continue reading

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Doing It All

Yes, I want to be a writer. That’s all I want to do when it comes to this business. I want to write and send my manuscripts to someone who will turn them into books and market them and promote me and … Continue reading

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Bruisin’ My Forehead

Remember this one from a couple of Fridays ago? Just pretend that head of hair you see in the meme is red. I’m trying to be creative in two different fields right now–marketing and writing. That’s not unusual for most … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Visible!

Now that my manuscript for The Final Ride is finished and awaiting my publisher’s approval, I have to turn my attention toward marketing the thing. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve read a gazillion books about … Continue reading

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Working Your Facebook Author Page

Last October, I shared some tips about working your Facebook Author Page to appeal to your readers. Then I disappeared from my own author page for a while, posting sporadically, forgetting to respond to comments, basically violating everything I’ve ever said about … Continue reading

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Quick Note about the Facebook Hustle

Just read Edie Melson’s post on The Write Conversation, “Social Media Monday—How Facebook Changes for 2015 Could Affect Authors,” and I have to admit not being happy with my favorite playground. If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook plans to charge … Continue reading

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