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5 Decluttering Techniques for Authors

When I saw this image, the first thing that popped into my mind was that I need to declutter the entire house—something that’s been on my mind for the past four years MSB has said he wants to retire. Decluttering … Continue reading

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Big Ol’ Flop

Remember my post from a couple of weeks ago, “Adventures in Writing“? I told you I was trying to write without going back to edit, that I knew my first chapter in Riding Herd was awful and would need changing, but I intended … Continue reading

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Linda Yezak Took an Ax . . .

Before the ACFW Conference, I’d been on a roll with my work in progress, Riding Herd, the sequel to Give the Lady a Ride. I was nowhere near finished, of course; I’d just crossed over the 10K marker and had a clear … Continue reading

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Southern Futurity

What Southern women know about flirting is that it’s not always for the purpose of gaining a man. Sometimes it’s just for the woman to get her way. Often, it’s both. After reading Ronda Rich’s What Southern Women Know About … Continue reading

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