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Thirteen Moons Review

Sometimes I come across a book that will draw me in and keep me steadily turning pages without me clearly understanding why. America, America, by Ethan Canin, was that way, and so was this one. Maybe that’s part of the magic … Continue reading

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It was Terrifying!

The most terrifying scene I’ve ever read came from Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winner, The Road. Whenever I think of the book, I can still picture this scene. The Road is a postapocalyptic novel–not my first choice in genres, but … Continue reading

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A Call for Guest Posts

I’m looking for Friday guest posters for 777 Peppermint Place. Each Friday, the guests will write a 700-word response to “What is the most . . . ?” For July, my question is,  What is the most terrifying passage you’ve … Continue reading

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Advice for Authors and Editors: Go Pro

Occasionally when I’m out with the bookstore, folks ask how to get started in this business.  If they’re serious, I tell them to go pro. Act like a professional. Pay your dues–which has the double meaning of having to prove … Continue reading

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Does the Critique Have Merit?

Recently, on a LinkedIn thread I subscribed to, a woman posed a question to the rest of us pertaining to a critique she’d received from her group. Apparently everyone agreed she needed to deepen her character’s POV. She said she … Continue reading

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The Curious World of Women’s Fiction

Ever since I discovered my own format for The Cat Lady’s Secret was wrong, I’ve been studying the format and structure for Women’s Fiction, and I’m learning a few things. Over the next several posts, I’ll be exploring WF books, three … Continue reading

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Red Leaves, a Must Read for 2010

Red Leaves, by Thomas H. Cook,  is the first book Donald Maass used as an example in his The Fire in Fiction, and believe me, Maass knew what he was doing.  On the cover of the 2006 edition of this … Continue reading

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