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A Lesson in Trust, for Writers

Have you ever read a book or manuscript written by someone who obviously doesn’t trust you? The author tells you what the character is going to do, then shows the character doing it, and finishes by interpreting the actions just … Continue reading

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Review: In the Heart of the Dark Wood, Billy Coffey

What do you put your faith in? Allie Granderson put hers in a plastic compass. Zach Barnett put his in a cowboy hat. Marshall Granderson drowned his faith in a bottle. This coming of age story is chock full of … Continue reading

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A Study in Omniscient POV: Part 2

Wednesday, I introduced the validity of the omniscient point of view as the perspective of choice for authors who are “after the kind of insight that comes from contemplating events rather than participating in them” (Characters, Emotions, & Viewpoint, Nancy Kress, p. 207). … Continue reading

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A Study in Omniscient POV, Part 1

Billy did something in his new release that isn’t done much these days: he used the omniscient point of view. I haven’t seen it in modern works in so long that I had to study it again to find out … Continue reading

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Three *Very* Different Books

One of my favorite perks in this business is the opportunity to read and review books for friends. So far as I know, most writers get to do this–some more than others, and some enjoy it more than others. Some … Continue reading

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Literary Fiction

Everything about this guy intrigues me. His age. His thousand-mile gaze. The dapper tilt of his bowler hat that doesn’t quite match the expression in his eyes. The silken strands of gray curling at his ear and over his collar that … Continue reading

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I Called Him Dancer, by G. Edward Snipes

MSB has to work weekends for the next several weeks, and I have a few book signings and conferences coming up. After a long, slow summer, things are going to be hopping around here again. Among the things this full-calendar … Continue reading

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