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Wayfarer–the birth of a superhero

Katie has a new one!!! And for KM Weiland fans everywhere, it’s about time. Katie takes time with her work, going over it with such a fine-toothed comb that by the time she sends it to me, there’s nothing more … Continue reading

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Blog Tour, Day 11: I Help Writers Become Authors with KM Weiland!

Today, I share a small part of one of my most well-received speeches, “Helping Your Readers to Feel,” with author K.M. Weiland on her award-winning blog, helping writers become authors. This is the final week of the Circle Bar Ranch Blog Tour … Continue reading

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Indie-Publishing: Devil’s in the Details

Last week, I read a post by suspense master, Steven James, called “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” on the award-winning blog Writer Unboxed (Jan. 31, 2017). He warned against settling for less than your best, taking the easy way as … Continue reading

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Re-start Your Writing

I’ve been having a bit of trouble kicking myself into gear after the holidays. I know my plans for 2017: Finish Kayla’s Challenge, my novella for the Tiny House Collection; write and publish Ride to the Altar, the third in the Circle Bar … Continue reading

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2016 Book Faves

I noticed that I’d set my reading goal at twelve books for 2016. And that’s exactly the number I read, according to my list. Goodreads has me at ten, but I think I forgot to date and review a couple. … Continue reading

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Websites for Writers

I have to admit right off the bat—I prefer books. I like having all the information I need between the covers of something I can hold in my hands and refer to frequently. I’m learning to appreciate blogs as long … Continue reading

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Writing Again

Remember this mug from last Friday? I want it. It serves a dual purpose–it would announce to whomever may care that I’m writing again and, if I’m not writing again, it would serve as a constant reminder that I’m supposed … Continue reading

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Outline Effectively

I read two novels recently, one right after the other. Both were apparently outlined, but only one read seamlessly all the way through. Why? Because the first author seemed to outline only the events to take place in the book. I could … Continue reading

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Review of Storming, by K.M. Weiland

Uh-oh, punkers, steam isn’t the power-source anymore. Make room for diesel! Have you ever had a reading experience in which you could just tell the author had a blast writing it for you? Where, when you put the book down for … Continue reading

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It’s Storming!

Lookie! Katie Weiland’s newest is out! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this book. When Katie sent her draft to me for her first round of edits, I knew I was in for something good–primarily because every … Continue reading

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