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Heart and Soul: Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Give the Lady a Ride is part of a giveaway event And look what else is involved: enough romances to keep your heart throbbing throughout the month of March! To enter the drawing, just click here between now and March 6! DATE … Continue reading

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Yvonne Anderson on Tiny House Living

Another one of the contributors to the tiny house collection explains why tiny house living isn’t for her—but she wrote a terrific story for Coming Home! Tiny House Living – One Woman’s Thoughts When some of my writer friends talked about … Continue reading

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Writing the Sweet Romance

Just an observation here: I tend to write more in-depth reviews about books of virtually any genre but sweet romance. Big surprise, right? Want to know why? The genre I write in is by definition predictable. Romance: Boy meets girl. Boy … Continue reading

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Review of A Dozen Apologies

What a charmer! A Dozen Apologies, published by Tracy Ruckman at Write Integrity Press, is the collaborative effort of a dozen well-known and popular authors, including Betty Owens, Jennifer Hallmark, Jerusha Agen, and others. Each author provided a chapter in the … Continue reading

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Linda Yezak Took an Ax . . .

Before the ACFW Conference, I’d been on a roll with my work in progress, Riding Herd, the sequel to Give the Lady a Ride. I was nowhere near finished, of course; I’d just crossed over the 10K marker and had a clear … Continue reading

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Excerpt from The Cat Lady’s Secret: Millie

The Cat Lady’s Secret officially releases this Friday! I’m super excited because I just know everyone’s going to love this one. This week, I’ll treat you, tempt and tantalize you with a few excerpts from the book–snippets from each of the … Continue reading

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Give the Lady a Ride is on Kindle!

Just in case you haven’t seen my multiple posts on various sites about it: Give the Lady a Ride is now on Kindle at the terrific sale price of $0.99! Nook owners, don’t worry–it’ll be there too, and I’ll get … Continue reading

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To Win Her Heart, by Karen Witemeyer

“. . . if you can’t see the good man he is, you need to unscrew them eyeballs of yours and try on a different pair.” That’s my favorite line, not just in this book, but out of several books … Continue reading

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Give the Lady a Ride–the Video!

I can’t wait until my normal posting time to show this. I can’t believe I’ve waited as long as I have! Linda Walker made my video trailer for me a couple of  weeks ago, and I’ve been holding off until … Continue reading

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Cotton-Eyed Joe!

No tellin’ how long this line dance has been around. Dance halls, street dances, wedding receptions–anywhere there are enough people to string together and enough room to line ’em up, you’re likely to hear Cotton-Eyed Joe. And if you don’t … Continue reading

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