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Strengthen Your Story with One Quick Fix by Karin Beery

Freelance editor and prepubbed author, Karin Beery, shares a pet peeve of many editors, including me, and shows how to fix it. Writing wisdom for the wise writer. Take heed … Today I didn’t go to the zoo. I didn’t … Continue reading

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The Laws of Writing

I wish I could engrave this in every writer’s mind. Basically, it’s a simple tenet: you have to know the rules before you can break them. But let’s skip the “breaking” part and realize that we must know the rules. … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Platform?

Maybe I should start with asking, “Do you know what a platform is?” I’m not talking about the construction/architectural definition or the political definition, but the one used for us writers. Recently I proof-read a query for a friend and realized … Continue reading

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The Christian PEN 10th Anniversary Convention

Are you a freelance editor, or interested in possibly becoming one?   The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network is sponsoring an editor convention in Southern California April 23–25. “Keys to Successful Freelance Editing” is for part-time or full-time editorial … Continue reading

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Southern Grits

Hard to believe I’m having a discussion about grits on two loops, one in Facebook Groups and another on LinkedIn. I bet you can figure how these discussions are going, too. Equal parts of “I hate/love grits” and grits recipes. … Continue reading

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You’re a scout for a college baseball team. You travel all over the state, watching high school games with an eye toward recruiting the best of the best. The handful of guys that’ll give your college team the edge. You … Continue reading

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Query Time

It’s time to send The Cat Lady’s Secret out into the world in search of an agent. Please, just cut off my arm. That’ll be far less painful. When I sent Give the Lady a Ride out on the publication trail, I knew–at … Continue reading

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I Have a New Job!

Last Friday, I was accepted to the team of editors for Port Yonder Press publishing company. I am now an “associate editor in training”! For the past few years, I’ve had editing/critiquing  jobs and projects and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Now … Continue reading

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