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Big Ol’ Flop

Remember my post from a couple of weeks ago, “Adventures in Writing“? I told you I was trying to write without going back to edit, that I knew my first chapter in Riding Herd was awful and would need changing, but I intended … Continue reading

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Writing Lessons from a Dental Hygienist

I love my dentist. He’s a great guy, a fellow Aggie, and a huge fan of Aggie baseball, just like me. I love his assistant. She’s an author, too, and we chat like old friends whenever we’re together. I even love my new … Continue reading

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Linda Yezak Took an Ax . . .

Before the ACFW Conference, I’d been on a roll with my work in progress, Riding Herd, the sequel to Give the Lady a Ride. I was nowhere near finished, of course; I’d just crossed over the 10K marker and had a clear … Continue reading

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The Christian PEN 10th Anniversary Convention

Are you a freelance editor, or interested in possibly becoming one?   The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network is sponsoring an editor convention in Southern California April 23–25. “Keys to Successful Freelance Editing” is for part-time or full-time editorial … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Conflict

You’ve heard authors talk about turning off their internal editor? There’s a reason for that. Authors and editors think differently, and if one can’t shut off the other when necessary, there is conflict. I doubt I’m telling anyone what they … Continue reading

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Critique Sting

Not long ago one of my local friends asked if my critique partners lived in town. “No,” I said, “they’re all out of rifle range.” Folks who read my Facebook page know the exact day that little exchange happened because … Continue reading

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Floating Body Parts

Her wrist itched so badly, her hand scratched it. Her hand scraped along her wrist, leaving deep welts. Her hand struggled to bring life to its sleeping partner. Her hand clawed along the other, a sure tell she was guilty. … Continue reading

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Beyond Chapter Five

Lately, every novel I’ve read falls apart after chapter five, as if no one in the publishing process cares whether the book is good beyond the hook. Just in case anyone is wondering, I will put a book down after … Continue reading

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May Goals–Shot to Smithereens!

Before you ask, I don’t know what a smithereen is either, but in this context it means the bulk of my bright ideas for the month went up in smoke. Just to recap: Writing goals: 1. Finish Cat Lady (Ha!) … Continue reading

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Goals for May: Writing, Reading, Marketing, Editing

Setting goals and publishing them on this site isn’t new for me, so I bet no one’s surprised to see me doing it again. But I’m spurred on this morning by two facts: To start with, this is Sunday, May … Continue reading

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