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The 2017 Insanity

This year has been so disorganized. Off-schedule. Odd. For instance, I’m writing my Monday post at 4:30 p.m. CST instead of 5:00 a.m. CST. Last week, I didn’t have a post for Wednesday at all. I’ve neglected social media only partly … Continue reading

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Hoppin’ Mad!

Recently a friend posted a note to the rest of her friends on Facebook that she was ill again and would need surgery and expensive meds. I hurt for her, as do most of the folks who responded to her … Continue reading

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This post is more “Betty Crocker” than anything I’ve ever written, but I figured I’d share it with you anyway: Last New Year’s, I made a pinkie promise with Annie that I’d try to lose weight, even though none of my doctors think I’m … Continue reading

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Miracles Do Happen

I spent from last Wednesday through Saturday with Mom. It’s possible that some of my readers don’t know what this means, don’t know I’m on a diet or haven’t yet had enough coffee to connect those two points, so let me … Continue reading

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I Give Myself a C-

The first full week of the new decade in the new century of the new millenium is over. Done. How did I do with my resolutions? Awful! I was off to a good start. Of my resolutions, the one for … Continue reading

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