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The Newlyweds

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll remember that I was supposed to write a novella about a couple of other characters from Give the Lady a Ride, Marie Lambeau and Chance Davis. Since I never could … Continue reading

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Newbies on the Ranch

As I’ve said before, I didn’t intend for Give the Lady a Ride to be a series. I’ll be taking a course on creating a series at the ACFW Conference this August, but for now, I just had to wing it. … Continue reading

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Flying K Rodeo Ranch

A Rodeo Ranch specializes in breeding animals for the rodeo–broncs for bustin’ and bulls for ridin’. Several years ago, I interviewed the owner of such a ranch, one that specialized in raising tough riding bulls. Amazing how much science goes … Continue reading

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Character Purpose

Bruce Dern–the actor who’ll forever be known for shooting John Wayne in the back in The Cowboys, poor guy. I read an interview with him in American Cowboy, and he said something that struck a chord with me as an author. He’s talking … Continue reading

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Clash of Characters

Last week, I mentioned I was trying to come up with an “entr’acte” to land between Give the Lady a Ride and The Final Ride. I didn’t have a clue what I’d write, I just knew I needed something to tie a … Continue reading

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What About the Other Guy? by Robin Patchen

Thoughts and Emotions of the Non-POV Character When I was a new writer first learning about Point of View, it seemed unconscionable to me that my readers might miss the nuances of what the non-POV character was thinking and feeling … Continue reading

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Don’t Tick Off the Author

You’ve seen it on Facebook, I’m sure: “Don’t tick off the author, or she’ll put you in her book and kill you.” Yesterday, at the doctor’s office, someone ticked off this author. First time in a long time I wanted to … Continue reading

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Characterization Multitasking

Your two main characters are in the same scene, but they’re not together. He’s doing his thing, she’s doing hers. You can reveal so much about both when you illustrate your POV character observing the other. Of course you can … Continue reading

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Introducing Millie!

The tiny town of Dogwood, Texas, has its share of homeless and feral felines, and Millie has taken it upon herself to get every last one of them off the streets and in a home. Until she can find a … Continue reading

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