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The WTL Explanation of WIB

You might need a little help interpreting the title. It’s “The Way-Too-Late Explanation of Where I’ve Been.” Seeing as how it’s been five months since I last posted–and that last post was a Christmas ad for my books–I figured I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Trouble Comes in Threes

By now, I reckon everyone knows I’ve been battling insurance companies and cancer this year. Basically, I’m good, now. I rang the bell signalling the last of my radiation treatments a couple of weeks ago. All that’s left is 12 … Continue reading

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A Different Type of Cover Reveal

2019 is not going as planned. This year, my sweet Billy was supposed to retire, then we were supposed to sell our house here in east Texas and move closer to home in central Texas. By now, we were supposed … Continue reading

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Meet Me in St. Louis!

I’ll be packing this weekend. Can’t wait to get to St. Louis! Looking forward to seeing all my friends and the stars in our business. Can’t wait to actually wear my new fall clothes. Even if it’s cooler than usual … Continue reading

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BC Journal Day 4–After Surgery

I’m always amazed at how powerful prayer can be. Other than passing out after they put in the lead wire and having to be poked several times to get the IV in, yesterday was a piece of cake. I hurt … Continue reading

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BC Journal Day 3–D-Day

Well, today’s the day. I didn’t prepared for it very well. Oh, I have MSB set up with a duck gumbo so I won’t have to cook for a while if I don’t want to. The house is clean (can … Continue reading

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BC Journal Day 2–Encouraged

Don’t get used to this. I’m not going to blog every day, and anyone who thinks I will forgets one of my main character traits: I’m inherently lazy. Blogging is too much like work. But until all this breast cancer … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer–Reality Sets In

A couple of my friends have told me to start a journal about this breast cancer business. In a way, I already have–I recorded my first suspicious mammogram back in October, and how terrifying that was for me, then again … Continue reading

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Learning New Words

Yesterday held a full day of learning new words, starting with the ones from the air conditioner repairman, who spewed a bunch of terms that splattered around me like ketchup squirted from five paces. Since I didn’t get to write … Continue reading

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So many prayers were answered, and Mom and I have much to be thankful for! I was able to get Mom to the doctor yesterday instead of waiting until next week. I got to Bryan around noon, ate a quick … Continue reading

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