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Trad vs Indie Revisited

In December of 2018, I wrote “Trad vs Indie—again” and spoke of the temptation for me to try the traditional publication route. Then, I ended the post with “2019 should be an interesting year.” That last sentence was prophetic, but … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

I think I have everything ready for the Galveston Book Festival: Books, inventoried and boxed Price list Ebook cards, inventoried, priced, and prepped Cash to make change and Square for credit cards Table cloth and decorations Jar of giveaway candy … Continue reading

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Especially for Writers

I bet you’ve seen this before, it’s been around awhile. But since I wrote my big “woe is me” post Wednesday, I figured I’d toss this in today. Since Goodreads conducted the survey, and only 3000 people took the survey, … Continue reading

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Texas Heritage Festival

This past Saturday, MSB and I worked the first-ever Texas Heritage Festival in San Augustine. “First-ever” means lotsa bugs in the festival prep, few vendors,┬ásmall crowds, and low sales. What vendors were there started buggin’ out four hours before the … Continue reading

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