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Of Story-telling, Beth Moore, and El Elyon

Earlier this year, when I was between studies, I asked the Lord to lead me to a new one. Well, He led me to three—which makes me thankful I wake up around four in the morning, or I’d never be … Continue reading

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Research is Cool!

I love this book! Back before I got seriously ill the first time–I guess around 2000–this was what we were studying in our Sunday class. Because of the illness, I missed way too many classes, but I kept the book. … Continue reading

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The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

Messianic Jew Jonathan Cahn wrote one dynamic wake-up call for the United States. He takes Isaiah 9:10, a proclamation Israel made after being attacked by Assyria, and illustrates its application to America from 9/11 forward. The parallels he presents are … Continue reading

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