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Three Boredom-Busting Tips

If writers already follow this maxim, they must have a higher level of boredom tolerance than I do. And if you’re like me, flipping pages to see when the action starts or where the next interesting tidbit of character insight … Continue reading

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Back to the Drawing Board

Riding Herd‘s first chapter is killin’ me. I’ve never done a series before, so I’m having trouble knowing how much info from Give the Lady a Ride needs to go in to Riding Herd to orient my readers to the setting and backstory. … Continue reading

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Characterization Multitasking

Your two main characters are in the same scene, but they’re not together. He’s doing his thing, she’s doing hers. You can reveal so much about both when you illustrate your POV character observing the other. Of course you can … Continue reading

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